Back Stitch

The Back Stitch is one of the more basic stitches. It makes a beautiful thin line, good for representing stems and outlines.

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Hints :

  • Insert the needle in the same hole as the end of the previous stitch.
  • If you're stitching on fine fabric, be careful not to pull the stitch too tight, or you will create holes in the fabric. Of course, that may be what you want to do!

Uses : 

  • Outlining the foundation for a Padded Satin Stitch shape - the stitches lay very precisely on the stitching line, making it easier to define the edge of the shape than when using a looser stitch (such as the Running Stitch or the Outline Stitch).
  • Outlining shapes in Counted Cross-Stitch designs. Usually worked with a single strand of dark floss.
  • Shadow Embroidery (the Double Backstitch)